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Each year Indian River County Healthy Start touches 95% of all the 1200 babies born. Please become a partner to ensure each baby gets a healthy start.


$50 can provide a mom with a safe co-sleeping device, such as a Pack N Play, which directly prevents infant mortality or diapers

$100 can provide one family with a safe carseat

$250 can help provide a mom with childbirth education, bedside lactation support, and a postpartum nurse home visit complete with depression screen and well-baby check

$500 can help to start a childbirth education series located directly in Gifford by certifying a Black Registered Nurse and a Gifford-based Doula to team teach in a safe and trusted environment

$1,000 can provide a mom with consistent physical, emotional, and educational support throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum through a Doula

$2,500 can provide one year of support through the Parents-As-Teachers program, which helps the parent be their child's first teacher, prepares the child for Kindergarten, and supports this learning by providing books for an at home library, for one family

$5,000 can provide a family one year of Nurse-Family Partnership, which provides a family with an in-home RN that visits up to twice a month, ensuring health literacy, goal setting, and developmental assessments for our highest risk moms

$10,000 can provide 10 moms that would otherwise labor alone with doula support - having Doula support decreases the rate of c-section by 25%, increases the breastfeeding rate to almost 100%, and cuts the rate of low-birth weight and pre-term birth rate in half